Where is the event?
8 Northumberland Avenue, Westminster, London, WC2N 5BY

What do I get for my ticket?
Fintech World Wide brings together a global community and offers Data Benchmarking, opportunity, threat and global first insights like no other place. You won’t be able to access this many vetted experts, or information all in one hotspot like a FTWW conference. 

Why do different tickets cost different prices?
We only want our attendees to have to pay for their specific interests. To ensure this, we offer different ticket types and prices so you can get the most value and cost benefits. 

What will I learn at the event?
At London Blockchain week https://www.blockchainweek.com/  we will be bringing the latest on:
1. Global and Future Trends
2. Decentralised Finance - a mega trend
3. Digital Assets - What will be tokenised next?
4. Blockchain and Internet of Things 
5. Blockchain Marketplace is Open for Business.
6. How is Industry Deploying Blockchain? 
7. Creating Transformational Social Impact with Blockchain and Frontier Technologies
8. Will Governments transition to Blockchain? 

Are there any Investors coming to the event?
Yes, we focus heavily on inviting Investors to the FWW conferences to increase the visibility and likihood of deals for our startup community.

This list can be accessed via the networking app once you have signed up for your ticket.

Is there an event layout map?
Yes please refer to the networking app for all onsite logistics.

Can’t I just youtube the same speakers to learn?
Our sessions will be available online. However the benefit of attending the event is much more than the sessions alone. Networking, access to companies, start ups and Investors are all important and can only be achieved by attending the event. 

Do I have to use the event app? 
The event app is not compulsory but recommended. It will have access to sessions, onsite logistics, speakers and you can contact other attendees directly using the app! 

Can I see who is going before I buy a ticket?
We have exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors available on our website. To be able to network and reach out to attendees you will need to purchase a ticket and download the networking app! 

Can I get a refund?
Our refund policy - https://www.blockchainweek.com/termsofuse

What is different about FWW?
FWW is a serious organisation committed to the production of high quality curated content and providing the latest news and developments in Fintech, Blockchain and Digital Assets to our community.  

Our current model has three big assets that we can harness to increase the likelihood of success for our blockchain and Fintech  startup ecosystem...1. An event series that brings all of the major key-stake holders together 2. Our partner media company to promote successful business done throughout our network and 3. A powerful dataset to show startups benchmarks, threats and opportunities globally.This year we are putting the startups first by prioritising their visibility amongst the community and specifically captial companies and begin our mission to collect and curate the best possible datasets amongst our ecosystem to support their growth journey.Our community tells us that their needs are Visibility, Capital, Talent and Education - so it is our focus to deliver on that promise.

Why are the products split up?
We only want our attendees to have to pay for their specific interests. To ensure this, we offer different ticket types and prices so you can get the most value and cost benefits. 

Who is the event mc?
Refer to our agenda - https://www.blockchainweek.com/

Do you have disabled access and toilets?

Do you provide food and drinks?
We will provide coffee, tea and water throughout the day - Breakfast, Lunch and snacks are provided

Is there aircon/heating?

Do you have a guide to getting the most from the event?
The best way to extract the most value from our event will be by using our event app.

Will there be staff available at the event to answer my questions?
Yes absolutely we will have FTWW staff on site to answer any questionsIs there a number to call if I need something. All contact information can be found via the event app

Can I access speaker slides after the event?
We do not publish speaker slides. However all session content will be published on our youtube channel. 

Is there a dress code?
No formal dress code. We do suggest business casual.

Do different ticket holders have different tags so I can tell the difference between attendees?
Yes each different category will have a different lanyard/name card so they can be easily identified.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
Refer to terms of use - https://www.blockchainweek.com/termsofuse

Can I resell my ticket?
Refer to terms of use - https://www.blockchainweek.com/termsofuse

I’m a journalist can I have a media pass?
Please reach out to media@fintechww.com

I want to propose a speaker!
Please apply to speak on our website - https://airtable.com/shrRYvNxxSumgyoRL
If applications have already closed please email: events@fintechww.com

I have dietary requirements!
We accommodate most dietary requirements - all meals have vegan and GF options. If you have a specific request please email: events@fintechww.com

Do you have an anti harassment policy?
Yes please refer to our code of conduct - https://www.blockchainweek.com/codeofconduct

Will there be security?
Yes there will be onsite security for the safety of our attendees.

Refer to your exhibitor pack, or reach out to your exhibitor liaison


Who do I meet at the event?
Refer to your speaker pack, or reach out to your speaker liaison.

How early do I need to turn up?
Please refer to your speaker pack for arrival time and information.

Do I have to stay afterwards?
It is not compulsory, but we encourage our speakers to stay and network.

Is there a teleprompter?
No, we will have a comfort monitor that will show slides only.

What props can I have/ bring?
We do not have a policy about this. If you are planning to bring something additional please email events@fintechww.com or your speaker liaison.

Is there a lectern?

How strict is the timing?
It is important that our events run smoothly. To ensure this we require all speakers to pay attention to their call times.

Can I have question time?
Questions are at the liberty of the MC/panel moderator. It will depend on how much time is allowed for your session. 

Will the audience be able to contact me after the presentation?
Only if you provide them with your details during your presentation.

How many startups are coming?
This can be accessed via the networking app
All startups confirmed for the pitch competition, or speed dating will be available on the website agenda 

What investment stage are they?
Our startups are from a variety of stages.

What information about them can I access?
If they have competed a ticket and opted into our network - we will be able to provide you with a range of data such as: ARR/MRR, Churn, Customer count and so on. Please see our podcast for more information.

Will startups be able to contact me through the app?
Yes absolutely! We want our attendees to be able to network as much as possible. 

Do I have to give my cards out?
It is not compulsory, Linkedin is an alternative.

How long does the speed dating take?
Please refer to our agenda.
Investors will have 7 minutes with each startup (5 minutes pitch plus 2 minutes questions).

How strict are the times?
It is important that our events run smoothly. To ensure this we require all sessions to stay on time. 

Can I talk to someone about an introduction if I don’t find the startup I like?
Absolutely our team is always available to help at jock@fintechww.com

What investors will be there?
This can be accessed via the networking app.
Investors confirmed for the speed dating will be available on the website agenda 
Judges for the pitch competition will be available via the website.

Can I get any promotion during the event?
For any promotion opportunities please reach out to our team; events@fintehcww.com
Otherwise you can purchase a ticket and opt in for our Podcast series.

How many of my team can come per ticket?
Each purchased ticket is only eligible for 1 person If you are participating in the pitch competition or speed dating, you will be eligible for 2 members of your team.