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Where is the event?
8 Northumberland Avenue, Westminster, London, WC2N 5BY

What will I learn at the event?
At London Blockchain week https://www.blockchainweek.com/  we will be bringing the latest on:
1. Global and Future Trends
2. Decentralised Finance - a mega trend
3. Digital Assets - What will be tokenised next?
4. Blockchain and Internet of Things 
5. Blockchain Marketplace is Open for Business.
6. How is Industry Deploying Blockchain? 
7. Creating Transformational Social Impact with Blockchain and Frontier Technologies
8. Will Governments transition to Blockchain? What do I get for my ticket?
Fintech World Wide brings together a global community and offers Data Benchmarking, opportunity, threat and global first insights like no other place. You won’t be able to access this many vetted experts, or information all in one hotspot like a FTWW conference. 

What investors will be there?
This can be accessed via the networking app.
Investors confirmed for the speed dating will be available on the website agenda 
Judges for the pitch competition will be available via the website.

Why do different tickets cost different prices?
We only want our attendees to have to pay for their specific interests. To ensure this, we offer different ticket types and prices so you can get the most value and cost benefits. 

Are there any Investors coming to the event?
Yes, we focus heavily on inviting Investors to the FWW conferences to increase the visibility and likihood of deals for our startup community.

This list can be accessed via the networking app once you have signed up for your ticket.

Can I get any promotion during the event?
For any promotion opportunities please reach out to our team; events@fintehcww.com
Otherwise you can purchase a ticket and opt in for our Podcast series.

How many of my team can come per ticket?
Each purchased ticket is only eligible for 1 person If you are participating in the pitch competition or speed dating, you will be eligible for 2 members of your team. 

Not ready yet? Call me from the (US)Not ready yet? Call me from the (UK)